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Hi Donna:
Received the dreamcatcher this morning and it's beautiful, beautiful. You are a very talented lady. Many, many thanks. Have a wonderful weekend.
My best regards Barbara.

I am writing to compliment you on your fabulous web page and wonderful dream catcher designs. You have, by far, the best web page on dream catchers.
If I didn't make them myself, I would certainly purchase at least one of yours.
Don't' competition here! I haven't a clue on how to set up a web site, and only sell mine at local craft shows.
Keep up the exceptional work!


I received the dream catcher on Saturday. It's very nice...very pretty. I
really like the purple with the turquoise beads. My daughter loves it. I will
keep your business cards and recommend you to anyone who would like to buy one
(or I'll get in touch if I ever need another one). Thanks so much and good luck
with your business.
Susan DeStefano